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A Rockaway resident for almost 30 years, Robin has been the premier broker here for over 10 years. She understands that buying or selling a home can be a daunting and often emotional time in one's life, and is passionate about helping make the transition as seamless as possible.

She is able to do this with the help of her "team" - a group of highly knowledgeable and reliable professionals who can help with all aspects of the buying and selling process, from drawing up legal contracts and answering questions about estates, to helping you get the best mortgage rate, to home inspections and moving services... and much more!

Robin pioneered the concept of offering a "one-stop-shop," full-service real estate for all her clients. Her team includes attorneys, movers, accountants, mortgage brokers, clean out services, and general contractors, all to help make your transition as smooth as possible!  Read more about the Team here.

Robin was the first real estate broker in Rockaway to have a website, and she maintains the largest local advertising budget. She has large scale advertising campaigns on 1010WINS radio, Zillow and Trulia, as well as several page weekly color ads in the local newspaper, The Wave,  where she also writes the weekly real estate column. For more about Robin's Press and Marketing Initiatives, click here.

Of course, the most important thing you will want to know is... can Robin help me sell or buy my home!?!? The answer is a resounding YES! 

Robin has sold hundreds of homes over the years - in fact, she has sold at least one home on every block from Beach 126th Street to Beach 149th Street - and, in many cases, she has sold many homes on every block. On Beach 145th Street, she has sold a dozen homes!

Above anything else, Robin prides herself on finding the right fit for you and your family. She listens to your needs and then matches them to your dream home, like a "matchmaker" for home buyers!
She has access to the most local homes on the market, and sometimes even will find you a home which is not even officially on the market. This is where it helps to work with someone on the ground who knows the ins and outs of the market and the players involved - and has the expertise and ability to make it all happen!

Watch this video to see Robin in action.

Robin Shapiro Realty

88-08 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
Office: 718-945-8872
Fax: 347-710-2765